Camelot Castle – Recommended Hotel in Cornwall


Recommended Hotel: Camelot Castle

Camelot Castle Hotel is in Tintagel, Cornwall. It is owned by newspaper publisher John Mappin and Irina Mappin and home to the studios of their friend, the celebrated artist Ted Stourton. I heartily agree with this article and am pleased to publish it here with the author’s permission

A Fascinating Place to Stay – Camelot Castle

 Historically, Camelot Castle Hotel has been associated with many of the great names of the art world, perhaps because of the spiritual ambiance of its locale, which seems to stimulate and inspire. 

It has been lovingly and patiently restored to its sumptuous former glory by the newspaper publisher John Mappin and his wife Irina Mappin and their friend, the artist Ted Stourton, since they bought it roughly a decade ago.

It is imbued with an environment and a staff ethic that must make it one of the calmest and friendliest places on the planet. It offers everything one would expect of the finest hotels, yet at prices affordable by almost everyone.

But Camelot Castle, aptly named considering its location and history, is more than just a very fine place to stay. It houses, and welcomes you to explore, the studios of the artist Ted Stourton, who incidentally must be one of the friendliest individuals on the planet.

Not only that, but in line with the Mappins’ dream of fostering an artistic renaissance, it invites artists to stay there for free and, through its Icons of the Future Programme and other initiatives, it strives to become a haven and a crucible that nurtures, helps and inspires the artists and great minds of tomorrow.

Camelot Castle is highly recommended.

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