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Camelot Castle, Ted Stourton, John Mappin, Irina Mappin – Revenge


I found this posted on Facebook.
I don’t actually agree with it, not fully, although I do get what the person who wrote the slogan was trying to get across.
I think the success of others drives some people crazy.
Most of us can take the other guy doing well. We might get a bit envious sometimes but someone else being successful doesn’t drive us crazy and certainly not crazy enough to try and tear them down, for instance by circulating false rumours about them or engaging in some anonymous character assassination.
Indeed we often admire successful people – at least, most of us do – whether that success comes through sport, philanthropy, literature or the arts.
Yet there remains humanity’s lunatic fringe, determined to render their fellows cowed and to make life hard for anyone who dares to live a good life or try to do some good in the world.
The slogan above made me think, naturally, of the artist Ted Stourton and hs friends and benefactors John and Irina Mappin, who have had the temerity not just to live well and succeed but to stick their necks out and try to help others do the same.
But as the slogan says: “The best revenge is happiness”.
I was down at Camelot Castle early this year and I met up with John and Ted. Both men were as genial as ever and had a sparkle and energy about them that suggested they sure are getting their revenge,
And driving somebody crazy no doubt!

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